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HerbaBuena Elixirs

Rock & Roll Uplifting Elixir
Emerald Cup Winner 2016!
Offers gentle energy, stress relief and clarity.

Lullaby Relaxing Sleep Elixir
Soothes the busy mind and body to help you sleep.

Bliss Energizing Aphrodisiac
Promotes feel-good, sensual energy with potent aphrodisiacs.

Full Moon Women’s Balancing Elixir
Effective for balancing hormonal shifts; relieves cramps and PMS. 

HerbaBuena Topicals

Quiver Sensual Cannabis Lubricant 
Best Sensual Product -SF Chronicle Green State 2017!
A topical delight to relax and stimulate soft tissue, it intensifies orgasm, tones the soft tissue and vaginal walls, and eases menstrual cramps. Not latex condom safe. 

All Better Balm Topical Pain Relief
For anything that’s painful, tight or not quite right, our balm offers all the benefits of cannabis for the body, without the high. Extremely effective for easing body pain, skin conditions and inflammation.  Starring organic cannabis, comfrey, calendula, mullein, coconut oil and essential oils. 700mg of  THC | 28mg CBD

Full Spectrum Therapeutic Cannabis Supplements

Made from full-spectrum extracts of organically sun grown whole flowers, our supplements offer single cannabinoids in a highly bioavailable, easy-to-dose, mildly flavored tinctures. We craft our supplements with precise dosing in a carrier of organic, cold-pressed hemp oil which, research shows, may help to repair cannabinoid receptors sites in the body and increase the bioavailability of these balancing and therapeutic compounds. Many of our patients tell us they have equal or greater effect with half the dose of others.

Pure CBD Tincture 25:1  (125mg CBD, 5mg THC)
Balancing CBD Tincture 1:1 (100mg CBD, 100mg THC)
Pure THC (1000mg THC for medical protocol use)

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