Taxes, Pricing & Quality

The major factors which affect product pricing are Taxes & Quality.

Many retailers attempts to disguise California’s hefty cannabis taxes: 15%, plus an additional ~10% in state and local taxes. By blending the taxes into the product pricing, those retailers hope to prevent customer ‘sticker shock’ at checkout, but either way, the same amount of taxes are added to the final checkout price. In our commitment for full transparency, we itemize all three California-mandated taxes:

The other factor affecting pricing is product quality. After reviewing dozens of brands and hundreds of products, our Quality Standards prevent us from automatically eliminate nearly 95% of all the products currently available in the marketplace. That’s because we don’t carry any products made with cannabis grown in factory warehouses, cannabis extracted with hydrocarbons, cannabis distillate or isolates and other processes or ingredients which we believe lower the quality, efficacy and taste. We also source all of our products from small-scale, artisan producers, and are committed to paying a premium for their dedication to making the best, full spectrum medicine. If you compare identical products in our store and elsewhere, you’ll find that our prices are extremely comparable.