Handmade Ceramic Chillum

We admit is. We love smoking herb in it’s most pure and unadulterated form. Even smoking papers can lend a harsh edge and unwanted flavor the pure expression of our beautiful flowers. So we worked with renowned ceramic artists here in Napa Valley to craft the perfect pipe. Hand-crafted from red clay, with a clear glaze, and fashioned into the perfect size for holding a bud for the two or three lovely hits, it’s also got a second chamber to hold a joint – so if someone passes one along, you can share without fear of passing germs. We also like using this to smoke our own joints as it cools the smoke and captures the unwanted tar in the chamber.


To clean: as beautiful as it is functional, simply soak this baby in alcohol overnight and then rinse to ensure a clean smoking experience every time.


Next level? Use organic beeswax hemp wick to light our flower. We go through great pains to ensure our flower is pure and free from any chemicals, so we like to avoid inhaling butane from lighters.



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