HerbaBuena CBD THERAPY Drops

Whole Plant Infusion

Our CBD tincture is made by infusing CBD-rich, sungrown cannabis plants into organic olive oil at low temperatures over an extended period of time in order to preserve the whole plant intelligence for the greatest bioavailability and therapeutic effect.

Our CBD Therapy drops contain an effective ratio of 11mg of CBD to 1mg of THC and should not present any psychotropic effect.

A High Times Cannabis Cup Winner. Made for us by wonder women medicine makers from The Farmaceutical Co. in Northern California, from sungrown flower sourced from Mendocino County.

Starring: strain specific sungrown cannabis infused in organic olive oil.
Use: Start with ½ dropper. Increase the dose as needed throughout the day.

Potency:  11mg CBD | 1mg THC | Total Cannabinoids 360mg
Size: 30ml bottle


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