HerbaBuena Higher Mind Stash Box

Higher Mind Stash Box

The Details

Higher Mind Collective Membership, Included

Cost: $1000 (includes delivery in NorCal and cannabis tax)
Deposit: $700 due by June 30
Delviery: $300 is due at time of delivery, this Summer

*Tasting available online or in-person based on location and COVID regulations

To Order

Call 855.HerbaBuena (855.437.2228), Email Flower@HerbaBuena.com

HerbaBuena - Winner Emerald Cup

HerbaBuena - The Feel-Good, Sex Positive Product of 2020 - Sensi Magazine

HerbaBuena - The Holistic High - Cannabis Now

Support Conscious Cannabis

Today’s newly commercialized cannabis market favors mass production and rapid expansion at the expense of consumers and the planet.  An example of this is the ubiquitous use of distillate, a highly concentrated form of THC found in the vast majority of products, which is not only devoid of the plant’s most therapeutic properties but may actually cause harm.

As a conscious cannabis company, we’re deeply committed to cultivating greater health for our consumers, farmers and the earth with sustainability at the forefront, from seed to sale. We are steadfast proponents of the profound therapeutic effect of whole plant intelligence as the highest expression of sacred plant medicine.

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Call 855.HerbaBuena (855.437.2228) Email Flower@HerbaBuena.com

What is the Founder’s Head Stash?

Each year we walk the garden multiple times as the plants begin to mature. Those with the greatest vigor, flower formation, scent and feel-good effect are selected and given extra care and attention, as they are the chosen few (usually only a dozen plants out of hundreds) that will make it into an HerbaBuena flower jar.

Biodynamic Cannabis – A Healing Practice for the Earth

In the quest to define the gold standard of purity and quality, we released the country’s first Demeter-Certified Biodynamic Cannabis in 2015. A holistic approach to farming Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic to develop a state of natural balance within the farm’s ecosystem to create a state of total harmony and balance … which is why we believe there’s no better way to grow truly world-class cannabis.