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HB Rock n Roll

HerbaBuena “Rock & Roll” Creative Elixir


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Product Description

Rock & Roll Uplifting Creativity Cannabis Elixir
Reach a more awakened state of joy, connectedness and creativity. This uplifting elixir offers a lovely, gentle euphoria free from fogginess. Nicknamed “Mommy’s Little Helper” it helps ease tension and anxiety. Starring a synergistic blend including organic cannabis, holy basil, gotu kola, kava, flower essences, gemstone essences and vegetable glycerin.

Each 15ml bottles contain 64mg of THC

About HerbaBuena Elixirs
Designed as daily functional medicine, our elixirs are developed to offer all the benefits of cannabis and synergistic herbs without feeling too high or stoned. Tested in real life and in the laboratory for potency and effect, they offer a harmonizing effect for both the subtle and physical bodies, wherein the greatest healing and benefit can occur.

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