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HB Quiver

“Quiver” Sensual Lubricant


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Product Description

“Quiver” Sensual Cannabis Lubricant
A topical (and edible) delight; it gets you warm, juicy and in the mood for whatever makes you feel good. Relaxes musculature while increasing blood flow and stimulation. Great for intercourse, sensual massage or whatever else you can dream up. Starring a synergistic blend of organic cannabis, cinnamon, clove and coconut oil (which is particularly beneficial to women’s soft tissue). Coconut oil may compromise the integrity of latex, including latex condoms.

Each 30ml bottle contains approximately 60mg of THC

HerbaBuena Elixirs
Working with a wonderful group of organic farmers, holistic health practitioners and herbalists, we’ve developed this special line of herbal elixirs. Tested in real life and in the laboratory for potency and efficacy, they offer a harmonizing effect for both the subtle and physical bodies, wherein the greatest healing and benefit can occur.

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