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Love Me Up Gift Pack

Love Me Up Gift Pack


Product Description

 Quiver Sensual Lubricant

A topical delight that gets you warm, juicy and in the mood. Relaxes soft tissue while increasing stimulation (yes, it gets your yoni high). Great for intercourse, sensual massage and cramps. Starring organic herbs, strain specific cannabis and coconut oil. 1ml bottle. 80mg THC.

Bliss Everyday Aphrodisiac Elixir

Awakens the senses and relaxes the body and mind to get you in the mood for whatever feels good. Starring a synergistic blend of organic herbal aphrodisiacs, cannabis and vegetable glycerin.15ml bottle. 65mg THC.

Organic Whole Flower Pre-Roll

Relax and get in the mood with our lovely, ready to share, Blueberry Muffin whole flower pre-roll.

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