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Cloud Buster - 10mg
Cloud Buster - 5mgCloud Buster - 20mg

Kin Slips “Cloud Buster” Tarragon & Citrus (Sativa)


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Product Description

These fast acting cannabis infused sublingual strips deliver a precise dose, within 10-15 minutes. The cannabis is dissolved directly in the mouth and does not pass through the digestive track, offering positive effects on your health and lifestyle.  Very discrete and formulated with the most uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in Sativa strains. Tarragon & Citrus is a terrific blend for creative energy and focus.

Available in:

5 mg/pc | 100mg total (20 pc)

10 mg/pc | 100mg total (10pc)

20 mg/pc | 200mg total (10pc)

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