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tame the pain

Kikoko “Sympa-Tea”


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Product Description

Enjoy this CBD Rich product to relax and take the edge off. The cannabinoid, CBD is renowned for multiple healing properties including anti-inflammatory, calming and pain relief capabilities. Only the purest, top-shelf cannabis, herbs and tea leaves are perfectly blended into this caffeine free medicinal cannabis tea blend. In our experience, the impact of this product feels greater than an edible with 3mg THC. Start slow, by brewing a cup and only drinking half to see how you feel after 30-60 minutes.

Organic ingredients – Ginger, Turmeric, Orange Peel, Black Pepper Star Anise, Cinnamon and Licorice Root to tame the pain.

Potency 20mg CBD | 3mg THC per tea sachet | 10 sachets per canister

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10 Pack Can, Single Pouch

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