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Hope Springs Harley OG (CBD Rich Hybrid) Certified Biodynamic


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Product Description

Living Waters Gardens
Mendocino County

Singular in its terpene expression, especially in the realm of CBD strains, these flowers are intoxicating with deep, sweet berry and neroli scents that make almost anything feel better with a single sniff. This is an incredibly effective strain to ease dissonance in body and mind.
CBD 18% THC 1%

Master farmers of the highest order, medicine grown in the hands of these extraordinary people is an experience unto itself. Cultivated in alignment with the earth’s natural rhythms, in native soil, and hand watered with crystal-infused, vortex-spun water, the purity, healing intention and life force in their flowers is palpable and distinct.

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1/4, 1/8, 1oz

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