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THG cartridge

The Highest Grade “Northern Lights” Cold Pressed Extract (Indica)



Product Description

This fabulous, heritage strain offers pungent sweet and spicy resin-soaked aromas that flow into bright citrus and fresh basil. The effect settling for mind and all over body relaxation so you can get your beach bunny vibes in. 70% THC | 10% Terpenes ($50) Take Me To The Beach 

Exceptionally crafted CO2 extracted oils, made with cold-press technology that preserves the highest level of full plant intelligence and terpene content on the market. We also love that all of their cartridges are made from metal and glass without any epoxies or glues, and that they employ a ceramic wick rather than fiberglass or cotton to ensure you’re inhaling nothing but clean oil. Their cold pressed technology results in record breaking terpene content, and zero additives.

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