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HerbaBuena PreRolls “Rest” Heavy Indica Blend


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Product Description

This heavy indica blend of pure, sun grown whole flower cannabis, infused with our own strain specific Pollyn THCa kief, is designed to relax the body and mind, to ease pain and tension, and to aid in sleep.

The Journey
The messenger of intuition and wisdom during dream time journeys, the Owl’s spirit manifests in this heavy indica blend to provide relaxation and relief from pain so you can Rest.

Quite literally the finest joints on the market, each batch of HerbaBuena pre-rolls is blended to provide a specific effect. Made with sun grown and certified Biodyanmic flowers, each handsome pack contains 4 pre-rolled joints (4 full grams of whole flower cannabis) and is packaged with a Boveda humidor to ensure your flowers are fresh, flavorful and enjoyable from the first puff to the last.

Cannabinoid Profile
Approximately 21% THC

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