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Pakistani Chitral Kush (Indica) Certified Biodynamic


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Product Description

Full Circle Pharm, Mendocino

Grown with unrivaled attention to detail and a little magic, by an incredible force of a woman farmer, it’s flowers are among the most beautiful we’ve seen. Perfectly ripe and slowly cured, it has exceptionally defined bud structure with deep, dark indigo and ultraviolet purple hues. The aroma and flavors are deeply sweet and lightly floral with hints of violet and citrus blossoms. This is a true heritage landrace indica strain (meaning it’s heirloom seeds have been unaltered since its origins in the mountains of Pakistan), however it’s effect is never overly stony or heavy. Rather it offers a true sense of unfolding relaxation and a state of overall physical and mental comfort, which seems to meet you wherever you need it most. Very smooth to smoke and vape. Exceptional medicine.

THC 6%

Biodynamic Farming

An ethos-based, holistic farming practice designed to engage and harmonize the energetic life forces which nourish the earth and the human population.

We believe Biodynamics to be the absolute gold-standard for farming a therapeutic spirit plant which is imbued with life force and healing intentions.

Getting Biodynamic Certification is no easy task. For a farm to become Demeter Certified Biodynamic, farmers must adhere to incredibly stringent practices for a minimum of three years. Beyond just being chemical-free, a farmer must incorporate practices that actually improve the entire farm ecosystem, tenaciously adhere to biodiversity, and operate within a closed system without the addition of outside inputs, right down to the very seeds they sow.

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1/4, 1/8, 1oz

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