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Gorilla Princess Lemon Kush (Hybrid) Biodynamic


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Product Description

Full Circle Pharm, Mendocino

Dank and fuel scented, the terpenes on these lovely buds are dominated by notes of bright lemon and citrus. This is a potent flower that offers a serious, energetic and cerebral high that helps you levitate above your earthly woes… It is not for the faint of heart, or for those that prefer a more grounded sensation. It’s lineage is pure royalty with a cross of Lemon OG x (Cinderella 99 x Tahoe OG) x Gorilla Glue #4, making it a true hybrid with above average THC content.

Biodynamic Farming

An ethos-based, holistic farming practice designed to engage and harmonize the energetic life forces which nourish the earth and the human population.

We believe Biodynamics to be the absolute gold-standard for farming a therapeutic spirit plant which is imbued with life force and healing intentions.

Getting Biodynamic Certification is no easy task. For a farm to become Demeter Certified Biodynamic, farmers must adhere to incredibly stringent practices for a minimum of three years. Beyond just being chemical-free, a farmer must incorporate practices that actually improve the entire farm ecosystem, tenaciously adhere to biodiversity, and operate within a closed system without the addition of outside inputs, right down to the very seeds they sow.

Potency: Above Average/Balanced

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1/4, 1/8, 1oz

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