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Garden Society Gelee

Garden Society “Bright Blooms” Fruit Gelées (5mg/pc)


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Product Description

Zesty fruit and herb gelées infused with the uplifting attributes of cannabis to energize mind and body.

Tasting Notes:  Bright Blooms help you stay mindful and in the moment when life is at its most stressful and hectic. Beautiful gelées made from a blend of zesty fruits and herbs, and infused with a Sativa hybrid cannabis strain, Bright Blooms are the perfect way to improve a stress-filled day.

Chef-inspired, low dose cannabis confections, Sonoma County, CA.

5 mg/THC per serving, 40 mg/THC per package High THCA

Crafted from locally grown, organic ingredients and responsibly farmed cannabis.

Sugar, Blackberries, Pear Puree, Yuzu Juice, Apple Puree, 100% Organic Apple Juice, Glucose Syrup, Apple Pectin, Citric Acid, Decarboxylated Cannabis Extract


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