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Probiotic Dark Chocolate – 12pc


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Product Description

12 Individual Bites perfectly dosed at 5mg THC per Bite.

Why take probiotics, cannabis, and chocolate together?
A significant challenge with probiotic food products is ensuring that the cultures reach the gut through the food production process. Both cannabis and probiotics are lipophilic compounds, meaning they combine with or dissolve well in lipids or fats, such as the cocoa butter fat in chocolate. Chocolate is a well-suited carrier for cannabis and probiotics because of its high cocoa butter content. And, it is a particularly good carrier for probiotics because it has a low water content and a low processing temperature which helps to ensure the probiotics survive both in the food product and through stomach transit to the gut. [iii] Additionally, the probiotic strains used in Flora, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bacillus coagulans are both particularly robust and suitable for use in food products. Finally, Flora provides a delicious, single serving edible with just the right amount of cannabis, probiotics, and dark chocolate to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Who takes Flora?
In short, anyone who desires a healthful edible combining a moderate cannabis dose with a daily probiotic. Patients in the medical cannabis community may be dealing with a range of moderate to severe health issues resulting from a wide variety of conditions. Patients may be using conventional treatments with success and alternative treatments (like cannabis or probiotics independently) to mitigate some of the inevitable side effects of conventional treatments. Other patients may be interested in an edible that provides a function beyond the affects of cannabis. Whatever the reason for choosing Flora, we believe that combining cannabis, probiotics, and chocolate creates an edible worth eating every day.*

What type of cannabis is in Flora?
We work with experienced Northern Californian growers who cultivate their cannabis without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemical fertilizers. Flora Chocolates are made by blending both Sativa and Indica cannabis strains. Flora is made with C02 extracted cannabis which removes the majority of the cannabis taste from our chocolate.

What probiotic strains are in Flora?
We ensure viable strains in every product by sourcing our probiotics from one of the leading manufacturers of commercially available probiotics in the United States. The probiotic strains used in Flora are Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bacillus coagulans.
The strains are developed in a state-of-the-art facility with rigorous quality control standards and are effective, stable, and potent at room temperature for up to 3 years, highly resistant to stomach acid and bile, and survive at temperatures up to 110°C – far above the processing temperature of Flora. Additionally, the probiotics do not affect the taste or texture of our chocolate.

What type of chocolate is used to make Flora?
We use 70% cacao dark chocolate ingredients from a family-owned company with decades of experience sourcing world-class cocoa beans and producing small-batch artisan chocolate. Using only couverture chocolate ingredients that are made with high quality cocoa beans, ground to a fine particle size, with a cocoa butter content of at least 32-39% — results in a creamy, rich, long-lasting taste in every bite of Flora. The Healing Foods Pyramid recommends up to 7 ounces per week or about 1 ounce per day of quality dark chocolate.

What types of testing do you employ?
Flora chocolates undergo third party product assurance testing by certified laboratories for:
Cannabinoid profiling
Quantity of live probiotic cultures
Presence of pathogens

Working with a commercial cannabis laboratory we test our cannabis concentrates for the “cannabinoid profile” (specifically delta-9 tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects), and the presence of pathogenic bacteria, yeast, and mold. We then test our final product to ensure that the THC potency remains constant throughout the production process. Additionally, we employ a food product laboratory experienced in food microbiological and chemical analysis to verify the total target concentration of viable probiotics in Flora.

What is cannabis and why take it?
Cannabis is a plant that grows naturally in many parts of the world and can be grown in almost any climate, including indoors. THC acts on specific brain cell receptors that react to natural THC-like chemicals already present in the brain. Cannabis has been shown to help relieve chronic pain, treat symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, and improve sleep.*

What is the optimal dose of cannabis?
The optimal dose of cannabis varies by person and is based on weight and metabolism, experience with cannabis, tolerance to THC, and other factors. If you are a new user to cannabis edibles, most producers recommend to start with a low dose (2.5 mg to 5 mg) and increase only after waiting a period of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Flora chocolate bites are made in a THC potency level of 5 mg.*

What are probiotics and why take them?
Simply defined, probiotics are considered “beneficial bacteria” that inhabit and colonize the intestines. The World Health Organization defines probiotics as “Live microorganisms which when consumed in adequate amounts as part of food confer a health benefit on the host”. [ii] Probiotics can help improve digestion, alleviate allergies, increase immune response, and improve urinary and vaginal health.

Our gastrointestinal tract contains a collection of many types of both “good” and “not as good” bacteria, yeast, and virus’ knows as our gut flora. However, there are several environmental factors that may affect gut flora, for better or worse, including stress, exercise, diet, pathogens, and antibiotics.[iii] It is well known that stress can manifest in several gastrointestinal disorders. And, recent research reveals complex communication pathways among gut flora, the immune system, and the brain, known as the brain-gut-axis.

When gut flora is out of balance as a potential result of adverse environmental factors like stress or poor diet, physiological disease may result.
Probiotics introduced to the gut can help defend the body against disease by:
Competing with colonies of potentially harmful or pathogenic bacteria for nutrients
Colonizing the intestine and crowding out the potential for pathogenic bacterial growth on intestinal walls
Creating an acidic environment that pathogens dislike
Producing naturally occurring proteins that stimulate disease response and inhibit disease

What is the optimal dose of probiotics?
A Colony Forming Unit (CFU) is the estimated concentration of viable bacteria in a probiotic product. There is no consensus regarding the amount of probiotic that should be taken on a daily basis. [i] Products vary considerably from 1 billion to 20 billion or more CFUs per serving. Many factors affect the composition of gut flora and some probiotics may disappear when not consumed regularly. As such, the daily use of probiotics is recommended to maintain a healthy intestinal environment. Each Flora chocolate bite contains 10 billion CFUs and has a shelf life of 6 months unrefrigerated.

*Please consult with your physician before trying Flora chocolates. Flora offers a safe and effective product, however we are not doctors, and since every patient is different we cannot recommend any specific course of treatment or cannabis dose for any specific person.

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