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The Big “C” RSO Capsules



Product Description

Each of these capsules contain full spectrum cannabis concentrate made specifically for treating cancer and alleviating the effects of chemotherapy.

A full spectrum RSO extract, made by CannaMagic, this product has been formulated and dosed specifically for those with acute medical need. Medical-grade, the extract contains all the compounds in the fresh plant including cannabinoids, waxes and oils that have numerous health benefits. The capsules contain coconut oil, vitamin E, GMO free lecithin and vegetarian digestive enzymes to aid in absorption and effectiveness.

Available in:

10 x 100mg Caps – $40
10 x  250mg Caps – $60


Warning: Tolerances May Vary

Step 1: Take one 100mg capsule / day for 10 days
Step 2: Take one 250mg capsule / day for 10 days
Step 3: Take two 250mg capsules / day for 10 days
Step 4: Take four 250mg capsules / day for 60 days

Or until treatment is no longer necessary.

Additional Information


100mg, 250mg

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