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AYA “Inspire” Vape Oil Cartridge and Pen


Product Description

AYA is about 100% organic, sustainably produced cannabis nectars. AYA is grown using just four ingredients: Earth, Water, Sun and Sky, with no absolutely no pesticides or chemicals. It’s then carefully crafted using a proprietary low-temperature extraction process, batch-tested to ensure to unmatched quality, and finally hand-finished to create concentrates that deliver a consistently enjoyable, rewarding experience.

A blend of Gorilla Glue x Durban Poison, this mind and body booster has nice piney, citrusy tastes packing a big, bold punch. Gets days going and conversations flowing.

Aya uses organically sun grown source material, artisan CO2 extraction methods and zero additives. They are truly some of the finest vape oils on the market.

500mg oil cartridge, Battery and Charger

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