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Outset pineapple
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Outset Pineapple Crisps


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Product Description

Feeling tropical? These organic pineapple crisps will get you in a hang-ten mindset. Add a crisp to your smoothie in the morning with coconut milk and fresh fruit and head to the beach.

There is no shortage of edible options in the cannabis community. But when it comes to health-conscious, low-dose products, the options are few and far between. These all-natural, raw, vegan, and organic products are made with no added sugars or sweeteners, and are designed specifically with the health-conscious patient in mind.

Ingredients: Organic Pineapples, organic coconut oil & cannabis oil.
THC/Serving: 10mg (1 piece)
THC/Bag: 100mg

(Note: These crisps are dosed at 10mg per piece, twice the dosage of the Apple Crisps, but with the same total THC content per bag.)

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