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 goldflower Napa planners endorse looser zoning for marijuana sellers in Nappy Valley Register Read Article>

goldflower HerbaBuena is featured as a leader in boutique cannabis culture in San Francisco Chronicle Read Article>

goldflower HerbaBuena’s Quiver awarded Best Intimacy Product by GreenState Read Article>

goldflower Emerald Magazine features HerbaBuena’s Quiver in their Sex issue Read Article>

goldflower highlights HerbaBuena’s Rock & Roll tincture in “Five Awesome Tinctures For Enthusiasts To Enjoy”  Read Article>

goldflower The Cannifornian: “She quivered with anticipation” Read Article>

goldflower GreenState: “Cannabis socials are the latest way to educate, medicate or exhilarate” Read Article>

goldflower HerbaBuena Founder Alicia Rose talks about intimacy and cannabis on Ignite Intimacy Listen to Podcast >

goldflower Alicia Rose talks about farming with intention in San Francisco Chronicle Read Article >

goldflower Picture from HerbaBuena’s biodynamic farm partner featured in San Francisco Chronicle Read Article >

goldflower Luxe Cannabis Society of San Francisco showcases HerbaBuena at GreenState Read Article >

goldflower HerbaBuena Feel Better CBD mini pre rolls featured in Outdoorsy Canna-Products at Read Article >

goldflower Alicia Rose talks about being cautious about pesticides in your weed with Direct Cannabis Network Read Article >

goldflower “Luxe Cannabis Society Launches in San Francisco” featured in GreenState, highlights HerbaBuena Read Article >

goldflower Alicia Rose featured as “Entrepreneur of the Week” in Direct Cannabis Network Read Article >

goldflower “How will legalizing recreational marijuana in California affect wine industry?” on the Today Show Watch Video >

goldflower features HerbaBuena as the flower sponsor at Lit Yoga in Los Angeles Watch Video >

goldflower  Alicia Rose featured in “Biodynamic: A Different Kind of Farming”, by the Capitol Press Read Article >

goldflower “California finds ‘Pot of Gold’ in Wine and Weed” featured in CNBC Watch Video >

goldflower PushMag featured Herbabuena’s Quiver in “Five Awesome Cannabis Products for Sexy Time” Read Article >

goldflower “Cannabis Country” featured in The Healdsburg Tribune Read Article >

goldflower  “Wine Country Gets Kind” featured in Edible Marin & Wine Country  Read Article >

goldflower  The New Brain Food featuring HerbaBuena Social Club, Micro-Dosed Elixirs & Flowers Neo.Life Read Article >

goldflower  Off the Shelf by Marijuana Ventures features HerbaBuena Social Clubs & Products Read Article >

goldflower  4 Top Cannabis Brands Discuss What 420 Means to Them… HelloMD Read Article >

goldflower HerbaBuena “Feel Better” Pre-Rolls featured in Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide Bay Area Magazine Read Article >

goldflower  HerbaBuena Social Club Featured in Business Insider  Watch Video >

goldflower  The Triumph of the Spirit Plant and Organic Cannabis Read Article >

goldflower  Alicia Rose Featured “Cross Pollination of Wine & Weed” Wine Industry Advisor Read Article >

goldflower  Meet the CannaMoms “… Alicia is a well known pioneer on the California cannabis scene.” HelloMd Read Article >

goldflower  HerbaBuena Featured “A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Topicals” Leaf Science Read Article >

goldflower  Alicia Rose Featured “Weed Piggybacks on Wine” Wine Searcher Read Article >

goldflower  HerbaBuena Named Top 100 Companies To Watch, Ackrell Capital Investment  Read Article >

goldflower  HerbaBuena Founder Talks Lifestyle & Biodynamic Cannabis, The Kind  Read Article >

goldflower  The Holistic High of Biodynamic Cannabis, Cannabis Now Magazine   Read Article > 

goldflower  Wine Country Collective Offers Social Cannabis Tastings, Merry Jane  Read Article >

goldflower  Not Your Granddaddy’s Club – HerbaBuena Pot Collective, Press Democrat   Read Article > 

goldflower  SF’s Friendly Guide To Cannabis Features Quiver and Kneaded, 7×7 Magazine  Read Article >

goldflower   HerbaBuena Biodynamic Flowers Named Top 10 Picks at Emerald Cup 2015, Press Democrat  Read Article >

goldflower  Top 10 Medical Marijuana Christmas Gifts, SF Gate  Read Article >

goldflower  4 Trends for 420 – Advancing Topicals with Quiver, Culture Magazine  Read Article >

goldflower  Female Owned Cannabis Companies You Should Be Supporting,  Read Article >


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