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Curated for the Higher Mind

We’re on a mission to define the modern cannabis culture with exceptional products that support health, well being and joy, alongside knowledgeable customer service, and guided experiences.

We cultivate sun grown, therapeutic spirit plants and craft a line of award-winning, full-spectrum, daily functional cannabis products.

Since our inception in February of 2015, we’ve supported the healing journeys of thousands of patients and consumers, and have gained first-hand experience about the therapeutic value that cannabis can provide. We’ve seen the positive effect it offers for mind, body and community, and believe it to be a powerful vehicle for global transformation helping to redefine the dialogue about how we heal and nourish ourselves and the planet.  

In addition to providing a thoughtfully curated catalog of best-in-class, purity tested, award-winning products through our virtual dispensary, we’re the proud stewards of an extraordinary piece of land in Mendocino County were we cultivate our own permitted garden of organically sun grown cannabis plants.

We also work with a number of Biodynamic farms and, in the quest to define the gold standard of purity and quality, released the country’s first Demeter Certified Biodynamic Cannabis. We now work with four certified farms to deliver extraordinary cannabis offering the innate qualities of flavor, balance and therapeutic value. 

We’re humbled by the opportunity to share this plant, and are endlessly grateful for your support and belief in our mission and our medicine.

Demeter Certified Biodynamic Cannabis
Balanced & High Vibrational Medicine

In December 2015, we released the country's first-ever Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis, bringing a much needed alternative to the USDA Organic Certification which, due to federal regulation, isn’t currently an option for cannabis farmers, or a choice point available to our patients.

A holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition, Biodynamics takes the concepts of organic to the next level. It's fundamental principal is to create a balanced ecosystem where plants, animals and soil are in a state of total harmony and where there's no need for outside inputs like fertilizers or pesticides. Given that the primary function of cannabis is to help create a state of balance and harmony in the body, we believe Biodynamic cultivation to be the gold standard for growing therapeutic plant medicine.

Given that over the past few years, the most respected testing labs in California have found that over 84% of cannabis tested was contaminated with dangerous levels of pesticides, we're more committed to these farming practices and providing you with pure cannabis, than ever before.


Our Story

We put this whole thing together in hopes of providing the medicine and experiences we want for ourselves. Instead of mass produced products, we’re offering a refined, health-centric approach and artisan-crafted products grown with intention and qualified in their purity, potency and impact.

We’ve come out of the cannabis closet and are hell bent on helping others do the same. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of this incredible plant, and believe that by offering a more refined experience we can foster greater acceptance and innovation in this industry, and ultimately enhance the health, pleasure and well-being of our members and community. They might be lofty goals, but they’re within reach.

Given our bohemian sensibilities (what do you want from someone raised on a farm in New England), we’ve sought out an incredible group of organic farmers, herbalists, doctors and holistic health practitioners, to develop and carry only the finest medical grade products available.


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