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Intentionally Full-Spectrum, High Vibrational Medicine

In December 2015, we released the country's first-ever Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis, bringing a much needed alternative to the USDA Organic Certification which, due to federal regulation, isn’t currently an option for cannabis farmers, or a choice point available to our patients.

A holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition, Biodynamics takes the concepts of organic (as defined by the USDA National Organic Program) to the next level. Given that marijuana is medicine, it’s even more important for people to feel confident that it’s free from the pesticides, herbicides and petrochemicals commonly used in conventional and indoor or hydroponic farming.

"Biodynamic farming is an amazing system that works on the oldest principle in the book. It’s all about fostering biodiversity to attain a healthy balanced system,” says Steve, HerbaBuena’s Sonoma County Demeter Certified farmer. “And when you’re growing something as potent and magical as cannabis, that stuff matters.”

Since organic certification isn’t an option, being able to offer cannabis certified by a trusted organization that’s been in operation for 30-years is another way to ensure we’re providing the purest products and the finest medicine, and setting a new standard for our industry.

HerbaBuena embodies many of the same principles as biodynamics including implementing a triple bottom line approach to business, which means supporting ecological, social and economic sustainability at every level. Being able to provide and promote biodynamically grown medicine is one way we feel we can make a positive impact on the health of our patients, our community and the industry as a whole.

Sun Grown & Organically Cultivated

Much to our dismay, a trend has emerged in this industry that favors indoor, hydroponic plants grown in chemical nutrients, over those which are cultivated outdoor, under the sun and moon, in healthy organism-rich, organic soil.

Just as there’s no comparison in the quality between hothouse tomatoes and those grown outdoors, the same is true for cannabis – maybe more so given it’s therapeutic uses. Outdoor cultivation allows the plant to develop a full spectrum of qualities and, in our opinion, there’s simply no substitution.

We work only with farmers committed to organic practices - every one of whom we’ve visited to ensure their practices align with our ethos as a Collective.

Our Story

We put this whole thing together in hopes of providing the medicine and experiences we want for ourselves. What we’ve come up with is something
a little different than your run of the mill dispensary. Instead of mass produced products, we’re offering a refined, health centric approach and artisan-crafted products grown with intention and qualified in their purity, potency and impact.

So Who Are We?
If the Founder Institute or 100-point winemakers are your thing, we’ll probably have more than just herbal medicine to talk about. We both have letters after
our names, march to our own drum, and enjoy the finer things in life including great art, soulful music and discussions on metaphysics. We’ve been there and done that in the fields of health and sustainability, and have only slightly
nefarious tales to tell about our more urban corporate backgrounds.

We’ve come out of the cannabis closet and are hell bent on helping others do the same. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of this incredible plant, and believe that by offering a more refined experience we can foster greater acceptance and innovation in this industry, and ultimately enhance the health, pleasure and well-being of our members and community. They might be lofty goals, but they’re within reach.

Given our bohemian sensibilities (what do you want from someone raised on a farm in Vermont), we’ve sought out an incredible group of organic farmers, herbalists, doctors and holistic health practitioners, to develop and carry only the finest medical grade products available.

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