Frequently Asked Questions

Where does HerbaBuena deliver?
We deliver in California only, to most metropolitan areas including San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego. We are unable to deliver to college campuses, federal government facilities or property (including military bases or national park land) and P.O. boxes. 

When does HerbaBuena deliver?
In most areas, we delivery twice per week (either Monday & Thursday, or Tuesday & Friday); in some areas, we now offer same-day delivery. In Checkout, you will see delivery day / time options specific to your zip code.

+ On delivery day, you’ll receive a text message from our driver to confirm that your order will be delivered that day; another when yours is the next destination (30-60 minutes in advance); and another text upon arrival. If you need to reschedule, just reply to the driver’s text, and our driver will coordinate. 

+ All orders must be received and paid for by an adult 21 or older.

+ Currently, we only accept cash on delivery (COD) for payment; Drivers carry no more than $10 change.

+ Orders arrive in a smell proof, childproof and discreet package.

Do I need to be present to receive my order?
All orders must be received and paid for by an adult 21 or older. The delivery driver will ask to see your ID; if the driver is unable to verify your age we will refund the product cost but the delivery fee is non-refundable.

How much is the delivery fee?
Our statewide delivery fee is $10. We will include free delivery with any product order of $200 or more.

What payment types do you accept?
All orders are COD (Cash on Delivery). The driver carries no more than $10 in change. 

Is there a limit to how much product I can purchase?
Yes, California regulations restrict customers with a medical recommendation to a daily purchase limit of 8 ounces per day, flowers, concentrates or edibles and all other customers to daily purchase limit of 28.5 grams of flower per day and 8 grams of concentrates or edibles.

Taxes (Excise and Sale tax combined total 25.25%)  are calculated at Checkout. Holders of a standard medical recommendation card (MMR) are required to pay all relevant taxes.

Do I need a medical recommendation or card to purchase cannabis products?
No. As of October 1, 2018, HerbaBuena is open for adult use. A medical recommendation is not required to purchase cannabis products but you must be 21+ with proof of identification to receive your order.

Due to the strict regulations around cannabis product, we are unable to take back any opened packaging. If the product you purchased is found to be flawed in some way, we would be happy to offer credit toward your next purchase. Please email us at and include the product name, when you purchased it, reason for dissatisfaction, and a photo of the product, if applicable.