HerbaBuena Demeter Certified Biodynamic Pre-Rolls.


Cultivating health, happiness and higher consciousness for people and planet….

We believe cannabis to be a powerful vehicle for positive change. We’re committed to helping define a culture of well being by serving the needs and desires of health-conscious adults looking for an even deeper level of purity and quality in their cannabis as they’ve come to expect in their organic food and fine wine.

Our portfolio of award-winning products utilize whole plant intelligence from cannabis cultivated with regenerative and deeply organic principals using nothing but seeds, sun, soil and love.

For us, it goes far beyond “just getting high.” Our products are formulated for daily use with the greatest attention spent on highlighting the most balanced flavor and overall effect.

In a sea of companies who favor quantity over quality and bottom line profit at all cost,our Quality Standards have been put in place to support the spirit and greatest therapeutic value of this sacred plant medicine.

These standards offer qualitative decision points to help you navigate this complex industry and preclude us from carrying the vast majority of the products found on the market today.

Our Quality Standards Support:

  • Regenerative, deeply organic or Biodynamic, full-season cultivation and family owned farms
  • Non-volatile extraction methods to protect the innate, full spectrum, whole plant intelligence
  • Craft production and manufacturing for the highest quality product

Our Quality Standards Reject:

  • Industrialized and indoor cultivation (no indoor or light dep)
  • Hydrocarbons and volatile extraction methods
  • Distillate and isolate
  • Vape additives of any kind
  • Artificial flavors, corn syrup and bullshit
HerbaBuena Certified Biodynamic cannabis farm.


Just like a great meal or a great bottle of wine, balance is the ultimate definition of quality. And as with most things, exceptional cannabis is as much about the passion, intention, and love that went into its creation, as it is about ingredients.” — Alicia Rose, Marijuana.com 

Established in 2015, we’re committed to promoting health, happiness and higher consciousness as the new culture of living well. We’ve supported the healing journeys of thousands of people, and have extensive first-hand experience about the extraordinary therapeutic value cannabis, in its highest expression, has to offer. We see the dangers of mass production, industrialized ingredients and unsustainable farming methods for both people and planet, and how these outdated processes preclude the greatest value of medicinal plants. 

It’s our hope to showcase the profound nature of plant medicine and to provide a choice for conscious consumers who see the benefit of a holistic approach to health and wellness for their own benefit and that of the natural world as a whole.

HerbaBuena Demeter Certified Biodynamic Pre-Rolls, with California statewide delivery.
HerbaBuena ‘Conscious Cannabis’ with Quality Standards Consumers Can Trust, and California Statewide Delivery.


A healing practice for the earth, Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming that goes beyond organic to develop the farm as its own contained biodiverse, sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

Given that the primary function of cannabis is also to help create a state of balance and harmony in the body, we believe Biodynamic cultivation to be the gold standard for growing therapeutic plant medicine.

“The most exceptional cannabis not only tastes and smells delicious; it improves the overall state of wellbeing for mind, body and spirit.” — Alicia Rose, Marijuana.com

For context, modern-day industrialized or conventional agriculture utilizes genetic engineering and a vast array of petrochemicals and pharmaceutical poisons to extract the most food for the least cost, all of which has profoundly negative impacts on the health of our environment.

Certified organic farming is a system that strives to “do not further harm” and offers significant improvement over conventional agriculture. These principals have ushered in the modern ‘sustainable’ food and farming movement, predicated on using less toxic or chemically derived amendments, strict production standards, and independent 3rd party verification.

Biodynamics, is the oldest agricultural certification in the world, and is based on a philosophy developed in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner (also the founder of the Waldorf alternative educational system). Considered the original organic, or regenerative farming system, its fundamental principal is to create a balanced ecosystem where plants, animals and soil are in a state of total harmony. The goal of biodynamics is to actually improve the health of the earth.

In the quest to define the gold standard of purity and quality, we released the country’s first Demeter-Certified Biodynamic Cannabis in 2015, in order to offer a trusted 3rd party certification for the emerging cannabis industry. The fact that current federal regulations preclude cannabis from being labeled organic, the Biodynamic stamp of approval offers conscious consumers an important choice-point beyond standard testing protocols.

HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose with Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis.
HerbaBuena Purple Bud Photograph


Seed & Star, Mendocino County

Decades of biodynamic practices and experience – integrating scientific understanding with recognition of spirit in nature – guide Seed & Star’s cultivation of cannabis which, grown under sun, moon and stars, create some of our purist, most lovely and energy flowers. The stewards of this magical place are focused on the science of water in it’s fourth state, and utilizing the power of charge-separated water to support the greatest balance and life force in all that grows on their property. Having restored large swaths of river bank, they’ve spent the last 30 years developing a veritable garden of eden. They cultivate 60 varieties of heirloom apples, more than 50 varieties of grapes, olives from which they make exceptional oil, and endless gardens dedicated to a biodiverse ecosystem from which they produce nutritionally dense fruit and food of every type and kind you can imagine.

Swami Select, Mendocino County

Nestled in the mountainous woodlands of Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle is Ganja Ma Gardens, Nikki Lastreto & Swami Chaitanya consider their ability to grow under the full sun, moon and stars as a privilege beyond belief. Blessed with stunning natural beauty, fresh spring water, sparkling creeks, vast meadows studded with ancient oaks and towering original growth Douglas fir trees, Swami Select Estate cannabis is always grown outdoors in living soil and full sunlight, using only organic, regenerative methods. To be a great cannabis cultivator is an art and requires an artist to become one with the plant, talking to her and above all, listening to her – perhaps the most psychic plant on the planet – with nurturing love and tender respect. Nikki & Swami have developed and bred some of their own strains, and cultivate heirloom and old school varieties perfectly suited to the climate and altitude of Mendocino’s Bell Springs Appellation, an area renowned for producing some of the world’s finest cannabis.

Full Circle Pharm, Mendocino County

Farmer Michelle Webb-McIntyre is a true pioneer in crafting world-class cannabis, combining a true love for this sacred plant medicine and expansive knowledge of cannabis cultivation within the philosophy of biodynamics. Full Circle Pharm is located in Mendocino County’s beautiful and pristine Potter Valley, on land which has been Demeter-certified for more than twenty years. With deep roots in cannabis cultivation and culture, in addition to a fervent commitment to the teachings and philosophy of biodynamic farming, Michelle looks to mother nature for each and every cue to cultivate some of California’s finest cannabis. Carefully tending to each and every detail – from genetics and strain selection, to hand-tying, hand-watering and applying all biodynamic preparations – Michelle serves the specific needs of each individual plant during every phase of growth and development. Often harvesting later into the season than many of her neighbors, she waits until every flower on every stalk of each beautiful plant reaches its full ripening potential, therein manifesting the deepest full-term therapeutic potential.

Glentucky Family Farm, Sonoma County

A pioneer in sustainable farming, Mike Benziger’s gardens are located high on Sonoma Mountain, where rich volcanic soils nourish his gardens on land certified Biodynamic since 2001. Solar energy powers over 90% of his farm’s needs, rainwater provides about 40% of his irrigation needs, and composting serves as the primary source of fertility. Over half of his land property is set aside for wildlife and biodiversity.


Our team is a group of exceptional, passionate souls committed to shepherding cannabis into the next generation for greater health, harmony and higher consciousness.

Alicia Rose, Founder & CEO, HerbaBuena.

Alicia Rose, Founder

A respected leader in California’s cannabis industry, Alicia founded HerbaBuena in 2015 to provide discerning consumers with exceptional products, trusted quality standards, informed guidance and elevated experiences. With the goal of cultivating greater health, harmony and higher consciousness for people and planet, HerbaBuena has pioneered the conscious cannabis movement and released the country’s first Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis.

Having run a vertically integrated cannabis company since 2015, there are few people more well versed or passionate about this extraordinary healing plant. Alicia crafts an award-winning portfolio of products unrivaled for their quality, purity and full spectrum, balanced effect, and has worked on writing the cannabis ordinances for three counties and four cities in the state of California.

Prior to cannabis, Alicia Rose, worked in Napa Valley to help establish the legacy of some of our most renowned wineries and 100-point winemakers.

Founding Board Member: Napa Valley Cannabis Association, Mendocino Cannabis Association, Wine & Weed Symposium

Member: CDFA Cannabis Appellations Working Group and Demeter USA Cannabis Standards Committee

Public Speaker: New West Summit, Conscious Cannabis Summit, Palm Springs Cannabis Conference, Wine & Weed Symposium, Emerald Cup, Exotic Erotic Ball, New Living Symposium and more…  
Cannabis Columnist: Sonoma County Gazette, Very Napa Valley, Wine Country This Week.

Elizabeth Rice, VP Operations & Sales

Elizabeth is a powerhouse that brings 20 years of professional business experience from the wine industry both in the U.S and internationally. She comes to HerbaBuena with an Executive MBA and is a passionate business development leader who successfully identifies, and drives revenue focused on business partnerships, strategic objectives, and product lifestyle management. She has long been passionate about the therapeutic effects of cannabis and excited to be working with the premium quality level of HerbaBuena.  As the Vice President Sales and Operations at HerbaBuena, she is in charge of all things related to sales, operations, and finance.

Irene Tracy, Events & Yogini

Irene brings her beautiful energy for helping us create sacred spaces for memorable events including our Social Clubs, Elevated Tastings and Cananbis Bars. In addition to her work and passion for cannabis, she works in hospitality for one of Napa Valley’s most beloved organic vineyards, and teaches yoga with a specialty in women’s embodiment.



Advisors and Advocates
Paul Coletta, CEO, Urban Remedy
Chris Tebutts, Biodynamic Farmer
Michael Straus, Straus Family Creamery and Hugo Straus Cannabis
Joyce Cenali, Big Rock Partners & Sonoma Valley Farms
Rob Fetterman, Finance, Caliva
Doug Diemoz, former CEO Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel
Joy Caldwell, Owner, Caldwell Vineyard
Erin Martin, Erin Martin Design
Aaron Pott, Winemaker