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  • Operating within the Authorization to Transport Medical Cannabis, is in compliance with California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5 & 11362.7 et Seq., Proposition 215, & Senate Bill 420 set forth by the Attorney General of California. Pursuant to the Guidelines set forth by the Attorney General of California in August 2008, and in compliance therewith, the Member of HerbaBuena Collective whose name is identified below is authorized to receive medical cannabis as part of HerbaBuena Collective.

    The member identified below has requested to have their products delivered to them with no signature required upon delivery. By signing this document the member states that this location is safe, secure and not accessible to any other member or non-member, animals or children under the age of 18. By completing this form the member relieves HerbaBuena of any liability, loss, damage or misdirection of product.

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