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8 Things You Should Know About CBD

As medicinal cannabis becomes legalized across the county, people are quickly becoming aware of the many health and healing benefits of CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It’s sed for ailments ranging in severity from depression, anxiety, pain, arthritis, inflammation, to MS, seizures, and Cancer (to name a few). Now more than ever, we believe it’s important to understand the truths and falsehoods of this adaptable therapeutic compound, so we can more confidently use it in support of our health and wellness. Read the whole article here >


The search for a present, connected and functional high

HerbaBuena PrerollsI’ve been enjoying cannabis both recreationally, as well as for stress and pain relief for many years, but as a busy professional and a mamma, I was starting to get a sense that my demographic was being somewhat underserved in the brave new world of cannabis products. The current trend seems to be leaning toward products that are either pure CBD, which lacks the therapeutic qualities of the “whole herb” , or those with elevated THC potency… both of which have their place, but neither of which really serve my needs or my daily life.

I found myself yearning for something that I could enjoy regularly (and discreetly since I don’t smoke in front of my daughter), that would offer all the benefits of cannabis while also allowing me to be present, connected and functional.

I started purchasing and experimenting with various products but none of them really fit the bill. And so I connected with a few holistic health practitioners and herbalists and, after explaining what I was looking for, started experimenting with various formulas. We conducted a number of trials and ultimately came up with the product we now call Rock and Roll – the first of what is now a total of six Herbabuena Elixirs.

It’s an organic, synergistic blend of gently extracted cannabis combined with synergistic herbs, gemstone and flower essences. It’s been created to work on the physical and emotional body, as well as the subtle or energetic level, to provide a sense of overall well-being with a connected, functional and present high. It is particularly good for easing anxiety and stress.

I take a few drops after a long work day and it immediately eases the day’s stress and makes me much more present and joyful for my family. We have a number of members that take Rock and Roll before going out for events as an effective pick-me-up that also eases tension and social anxiety, and others who use it specifically for modulating stress throughout the day. We have reports from dozens of parents that helps them be more present and attentive to their kids after a stressful work day, which is why we’ve nicknamed it “Mommy’s Little Helper”.

Cannabis as a whole plant has is beneficial for easing stress and anxiety, but depending on the delivery method, strain, and personality of the person taking it, it can often have the opposite effect. The beauty of our elixirs is that they’re made with the specific intention of finding balance and synergy, which is the first step in alleviating both physical and emotional tension or pain. It’s a beautiful thing.


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