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HerbaBuena Hand-Rolls
These are the joints we smoke ourselves, in the perfect size to enjoy on your own or with a friend. Each beautiful pack contains 4 grams of Biodynamic whole flower cannabis joints, hand rolled and sealed with a Boveda 2-way humidor. Available in 10-pack mini's or 4-pack bombers. Rock On Sativa | Relax Indica | Feel Better CBD-Rich 
Price $60/pack

Biodynamic Grade-A Flowers

We work with a handful of Demeter Certified Biodynamic farms to cultivate strains that offer the greatest balancing and overall therapeutic effect. These cultivars are extremely rare, often only one pound of each are grown. Each strain is available in individually, light-proof and sealed eighth oz packages, with a humidor.
Price:  $60/8th  (contact us for wholesale case options)

Sativa Dominant Cultivars

Oaxacan Zipolite, Uplifting Landrace Sativa
This landrace strain replaces your worldly woes with carefree, joyful energy and third eye stimulation, making it good for daytime endeavors that don’t take much short-term information recall. Earthy flavored buds are covered in fine red-hair.

Pineapple Euphoria, Happy Sativa Hybrid
Yummy pineapple juice flavors help replace depression, social anxiety and chronic pain with a happy, gentle pick-me-up any time of day. A CBD seed stock it also presents a CBD-based grounding body feel that makes it great for sensual pursuits.

Amnesia OG, Energetic Sativa Hybrid
Turn almost any frown upside down with a buzzy, uplifting and creative high. A descendant of Jack Herer it’s lemon and pine-induced buzz is one that beginners and those with a tendency toward more frenetic energy may want to take slow. Big green buds are the perfect daytime playmate.

Satori, Sweetly Uplifting Sativa
Offering a bright heady mind and body buzz, it’s good for easing sour moods and chronic depression. A cross of Northern Lights and Jack Herer, its earthy pine flavors offer a smile-inducing, motivated and functional daytime high.

Candyland, Fun-Loving Sativa
Offering a sweet, daytime high that boosts energy for focused, social or creative pursuits, these delicious flowers offer an overall body and mind release from dark moods, anxiety and depression. Golden haired, dark green buds taste of powdered sugar, lavender, citrus and earth.

Flo, Bright Sativa Hybrid
A rare, violet phenotype, this is an exceptional Sativa with an unmistakable earthy citrus profile that provides a clear, happy high to ease fatigue, chronic stress, muddled thoughts and migraines.

Dragon Fruit, Uplifting Hybrid
This rare strain offers inspiration to tackle almost anything with a mindful high and warm body sensation good for chronic fatigue, depression and stress, with berry, sweet lemon and skunky spice.

Berry Good, Uplifting Sativa Hybrid
It’s unusual for a berry flavored strain to offer an uplifting or energetic effect, yet that’s exactly what this delivers. Intoxicating flavors offer a balanced high to ease mental strain and anxiety.


CBD Rich Cultivars

Balance Queen, CBD-Rich Sativa Hybrid
There is nothing quite like the therapeutic value of a naturally occurring 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. These gorgeous flowers are full of healing intention and especially effective at easing body pain, stress, PTSD, migraines, and for sleep.

Double Rose, CBD-Rich Hybrid
Lovely scents of white flowers and rose petals melt tension on first sniff. Powerfully grounding yet never overbearing, this flower is great for grounding relaxation with a light, euphoria to ease frenetic energy patterns, pain and spasms.

Hope Springs Harley OG, CBD-Rich Hybrid
Singular in its terpene expression, these flowers are intoxicating with deep, sweet berry and neroli scents that make almost anything feel better with a single sniff. Effective for easing dissonance or pain in body and mind.

Hope Springs Eternal, CBD-Rich Indica Hybrid
A single seed of this plant was grown in our garden to honor an industry icon whose life was spent in dedication to creating exceptional CBD genetics and therapeutic plant medicine. Good for easing fear, chronic pain, Lyme’s, nausea and numerous other ailments of all kinds.

Hybrid Dominant Cultivars

KC 36, Open-Hearted Balanced Hybrid
Sunshine for the mind, this unusually uplifting Indica offers balanced, feel-good mental energy that settles into deep relaxation. Flavors of bright berry, tea and pastry offer a dreamy, creamy smoke that lingers for many minutes.

Gorilla Glue, Balanced Hybrid
A balanced but heavy hitting strain offers a heady high that follows with a comfortably numb body-based buzz. Trichrome filled, dark green flowers are good for treating chronic pain, stress, insomnia, seizures and nausea with flavors of fuel, matchbox and dank earth.

Gorilla Princess Lemin Kush, Cerebral Indica Hybrid
A cerebral high clarifies the mind as it lifts you above your earthly woes and settles you into deep relaxation. Dank with earth and citrusy pine, it’s not for those who prefer a more grounded sensation.

White Cherry Truffle, Balancing Hybrid
This feel-good Hybrid offers a heady but balanced high that helps ease body pain and stress. Deep cherry and white chocolate tones are carried by an oily, jet-fueled backbone that packs a punch for pain relief of all kinds.

Indica Dominant Cultivars

Blueberry Muffin, Relaxing Indica Hybrid
Great for feel-good relaxation, it eases stress, anxiety and physical pain while giving you enough presence to get things done. Gorgeous crystals top berry-scented, purple-hued flowers make a tasty, clean smoke. 

Rama Mama, Deeply Relaxing Indica
Rare and deeply relaxing for both mind and body, this is a wonderful choice for alleviating insomnia, physical pain, nausea and some headaches. It’s enormous, bright green flowers smell of  sweet earth and pine-flavored goodness.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Relaxing Indica
With a stony, body-based high this go-to, heirloom Indica helps promote relaxation, spirit journeys, body pain relief and sleep. Sweet, earthy musk combines with light citrusy pine to unwind tension so your mind can roam free.

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