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Raw Organic Cannabis Juice (Frozen)



Product Description

We’re thrilled to offer Clean Green Certified raw cannabis juice. This is an effective and potent method of ingesting cannabis, for several key reasons. It’s non-psychoactive, it’s incredibly rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and it offers medicinal benefits that are 2 to 4 times more potent than smoking or ingesting the medicine in other forms. It is also the most concentrated and bioavailable form of THCa, the raw form of THC which is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory agents known.

Research that shows that drinking raw cannabis juice daily can alleviate symptoms and provide healing for a myriad of disorders such as various cancers, lupus, Parkinson’s and a host of other inflammatory and auto-immune disorders.

Our juice is packaged and delivered in single frozen 1oz servings, available in 7 ounce (weekly) or 30 ounce (monthly) options.

Ingredients:  freshly juiced and flash frozen cannabis sativa (70% by volume) blended with small amounts of apple, carrot and celery for processing and flavor.

IMPORTANT: Juice must REMAIN FROZEN until it is ready to consume. DO NOT WARM or HEAT prior to consumption as the THCa will convert to THC making it psychoactive. Remove a one ounce serving from the freezer and let it defrost at room temperature, then consume immediately.

Due to the need to keep this product frozen, patients must be available for in-person delivery.

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