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CareByDesign CBD extract

Care By Design 8:1 CBD Spray


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Product Description

Care By Design 8:1 CBD Spray
Based in Sebastopol, this company is one of the pioneers in artisan made, CBD-rich oils. They cultivate their own organic flowers and gently extract the oils using a proprietary CO2 extraction process to maintain the fullest spectrum of the plant. All their oils can be taken by mouth, used topically, or both at once for the greatest effect.

The 8:1 spray has 8 parts CBD to one part THC and is essentially non-psychoactive, and very safe especially for novice cannabis users or people who don’t want to get high. Some patients find mid-range CBD:THC ratios helpful for muscle spasms, convulsions, tremors, endocrine disorders, metabolic syndrome and overall wellness, as well as easing symptoms from a myriad of other physical and emotional issues.

Extensive scientific research shows CBD’s efficacy for treating arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, alcoholism, M.S., anxiety, PTSD, depression, infections, epilepsy and cancer. If you’re interested in learning more visit

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